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Product Reviews & Blog Posts:

Specialty Coffee Retailer: Regional Update: Airport Locales

USA Today: Nine Amazing American Chocolate Cafes, Bars and Lounges

Seattle Magazine: Seattle’s Classic Chocolates

Seattle Boutique Blogspot: Seattle Shopping Guide: Capitol Hill

Cape Cod Times: Gifts with heart – and a tech twist

Seattle Coffee Scene.com: Happy Hours: Seattle’s Espresso Martinis!

Seattle Weekly: Dilettante’s Salted Caramel Martini: Cake in a Glass

The Stranger: Getting into Someone’s Pants at Dilettante’s Chocolate Martini Bar

chocablog: Dilettante Milk Chocolate Salmon Review

Year of Jubilee Reviews: Artisan Coffee & Chocolate Espresso Bean Review

Grandma Juice Blog: Fruit Medley Dragée & Chocolate Espresso Bean Review

Outnumbered 3 to 1: Chocolate Truffles Review

inRandom: Chocolate Truffles Review

Precisely Mine: Chocolate Truffles Review

Chocolate Tasting & More: Ephemere & Coffee Trio Truffle Cremes Review

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