Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Dilettante Style

by Vicky on September 5, 2012

in Chocolate Dragées, Product Spotlight

Chocolate Espresso Beans -  A Decadent Delight!At Dilettante we do two things especially well – hand crafting delicious chocolates and roasting our own special blend of premium coffee beans. So, what happens when we meld two of our delicious specialties into one? Our decadent chocolate-java morsels also known as Chocolate Espresso Beans burst into life!

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These bite-sized delicacies very well may be our most popular product. And for good reason. Each chocolate espresso bean is just that – a whole roasted coffee bean covered in a two generous layers of smooth chocolate. The resulting chocolate dragee is a wonderful marriage of textures. Soft, sweet chocolate paired with the satisfying crunch of the bold-flavored espresso bean. Move over chocolate covered nuts, espresso beans in chocolate are the new favorite in town!

Chocolate espresso beans from Dilettante come in a variety of chocolate flavors, too. Creamy white chocolate, rich milk chocolate and intense dark chocolate coatings are all available for our chocolate covered coffee beans. Or, choose our Cheetah Espresso Beans in Chocolate and experience all three chocolate flavors at once, beautifully blended into a marbled design.

Dilettante’s chocolate covered coffee beans aren’t just delicious, they also make a beautiful display. Our chocolate espresso beans are made in special revolving kettles that create smooth, even chocolate layers over each coffee bean. That’s why Dilettante espresso beans in chocolate are free of pitting and unsightly cracks in the chocolate layers.

Many of our customers purchase our Bulk Bags of Chocolate Espresso Beans to use in party favors or to keep candy dishes filled throughout the year. With a one year shelf life, you can’t go wrong!

Discover our Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Today!

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Rhoda Gelman January 15, 2013 at 3:31 pm

THE MOST INTENSE, DELICIOUS AND ELEGANT CHOCOLATE IN THE UNIVERSE! I have been indulging in the finest chocolates since childhood: favorite: dark, bitter-sweet fine chocolates and Dilettante is not only the best – deliciously rich and intensely dark and smooth – bar none. From what I have researched, this recipe originates in Russia and has been in Seattle for years. Since I have a strong Russian Background, I am not surprised! I Truly Love Dilettante Chocolates & Desserts. Rhoda Gelman


Vicky January 16, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Hi Rhoda! Thank you for the glowing review! We’re always so happy to hear customer feedback, and I am pleased that you enjoy our products so much. Thank you for being a loyal Dilettante customer!

Dilettante | Web Assistant/Chocoholic


Tonya Mays September 19, 2012 at 7:45 am

I am inquiring about having prepackaged chocolate covered beans in my coffee shop for resale.


Vicky September 19, 2012 at 11:43 am

Hi Tonya, thanks so much for your interest in selling our chocolate espresso beans at your retail location! They really are a great product and very popular too. I’m sure your customers will love them! I will direct email you to help you out.

~Vicky, Dilettante Web Assistant


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