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Here at Dilettante we stand behind the quality and deliciousness of each and every product. Read on to discover the delicious details of some of our most popular items.

New Product Spotlight: Assorted TruffleCreme® Gift Box

July 31, 2015

Introducing a our newest TruffleCreme® item – an assorted gift box featuring five of our most popular TruffleCreme® flavors. Each 10-ounce gift box contains a colorful assortment of our well-loved bite-sized chocolate truffles made from all natural ingredients. Open the box and choose whichever flavor suits your fancy: Toffee Crunch – Creamy milk chocolate with […]

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“Sweet on You” Valentine’s Gift Tower: Chocolates & Cookies for Your Sweetie

January 16, 2015
Sweet on You Valentine's Chocolate Gift Tower

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’ve debuted our newest Chocolate Gift Tower. The “Sweet on You” Valentine’s Gift Tower features a specially curated assortment of six of our most popular chocolate confections. Make your sweetheart swoon with this elegant gourmet chocolate gift. What’s Inside? Each of the three beautiful silver gift boxes holds a decadent […]

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Valentine’s Day Sweets for Your Sweetie

January 17, 2014
Valentine's Day Chocolates

Love is in the air, along with the scent of luscious chocolates from Dilettante! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with the classic gift of delicious chocolates. This year we’ve introduced a few new Valentine’s items that are sure to please all of the special people in your life. Chocolate Roses […]

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Chocolate Easter Bunnies Galore!

March 14, 2013
Chocolate Easter Bunnies

When it comes to Chocolate Easter Bunnies, we like to think we know a thing or two. We’ve been hand-crafting these tasty rabbit confections for years, and as they say practice makes perfect. Each of our Chocolate Easter Bunnies is handmade using premium chocolate. Our confectioners hand paint white chocolate details into each mold, then […]

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A Timeless Gift to Show Your Love this Valentine’s Day

January 22, 2013
Valentine's Day Chocolates

A box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day never ceases to please. Especially if that box is filled with high-quality, gourmet chocolate, like the kind we make at Dilettante. Make your sweetheart weak at the knees with a romantic gift from Dilettante. We carry a variety of boxed chocolate assortments with something to please every loved […]

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Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Dilettante Style

September 5, 2012
Thumbnail image for Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Dilettante Style

At Dilettante we do two things especially well – hand crafting delicious chocolates and roasting our own special blend of premium coffee beans. So, what happens when we meld two of our delicious specialties into one? Our decadent chocolate-java morsels also known as Chocolate Espresso Beans burst into life! Click here to buy Espresso Beans in […]

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Dilettante Dragées: Bite-Sized Candy Bliss

April 17, 2012
Dilettante Chocolate Dragees

Pronounced, “drah-jay,” these delicious bite-sized morsels are a point of pride at Dilettante. Pieces of dried fruit, nuts and espresso beans are generously coated in premium blends of milk, dark and white chocolate. The ingredients are key in making these delectable delicacies, but our method of chocolate panning is just as important. Each variety of […]

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Ephemere: The Signature Flavor of Dilettante

April 16, 2012
Ephemere Chocolate Truffles

Our special method of making our signature chocolate truffles is what sets Dilettante apart from the rest. Pronounced “eh-fem-eer” (it helps if you say it aloud) the name of our signature flavor experience is derived from the word, ephemeral meaning a brief, short-lived experience. Your Ephemere Chocolate Truffle supply may not last forever, but you’ll […]

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